OPTEX WLPS, Revolution of Wireless Long-range Perimeter Solution

WLPS is a wireless security system that is the most suitable for factories’ perimeter monitoring.

Nowadays, every company attends to control budget and save security cost. Hybrid PIDS of manned guarding and intrusion alarm system is the solution because the initial cost of PIDS can be paid within first year and the site owner will immediately gain the benefit of cost reduction. However, when the site becomes larger, there is cost concern to conventional hard wired solution because the initial cost such as wiring & installation will also increase to cover the large site and it decreases the total benefit for the end-users to receive. OPTEX have addressed these problems with the introduction of the WLPS – Wireless Long range Perimeter Solution alarm system.

WLPS security sensors transmit the wireless signal with power level of over 20 times higher than conventional wireless alarm system. In addition, each security sensor works as a transceiver to create wireless mesh network with multi-hopping. In result, WLPS wireless range can cover up to 500m x 500m per site and the customers can enjoy the full benefit of wireless system advantages as follows.

Great Benefits of Wireless Alarm System

1. Flexible Location
2. Wireless Stylish Design
3. Free from lightning damage
4. Installation to existing facility
5. Quick & easy installation and maintenance

Significant Cost Reduction

Typical wired perimeter system requires substantial initial cost such as wiring, trenching, conduit, and concrete work as well as installation time.With WLPS, those cost and time can be reduced significantly – a total cost reduction for end customer is minimum 40% compared to the conventional wired system.

*Calculation based on a scale of 100m x 100m factory

Long Battery Life

Some, or probably most alarm system installers have faced battery life issues in wireless devices. This is far from ideal since it would have affect reliability of system itself, requires additional support time & cost and etc. Optex Battery operated detectors are designed to work efficiently and the detectors consume extremely low current which make battery life time longer.

Featured Product: SL-350QFR & SL-100/200TNR

OPTEX SL-350QFR and SL-100/200TNR, a 100m, 60m, 30m battery-powered wireless photobeam detectors are the perfect solution for the perimeter protection. In addition to WLPS, both models are compatible with most manufacturers’ wireless alarm systems. OPTEX wireless photobeams are Dual or Quad beam detectors that benefit to excellent immunity to wildlife like birds. In order to trigger the alarm, an animal has to break both detection beams simultaneously. This reduces dramatically the chance of false alarms. OPTEX line up various type of indoor and outdoor detectors for WLPS. Please contact OPTEX Thailand for more detail.

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