Why Outdoor Burglar Alarm system can make your home more secure?

As well as for commercial facilities, surveillance camera systems (cameras and recording equipment) are widely used as crime prevention measures for residential. In Japan, more than 90% of condominiums under 10 years of age and even 50% of rental apartments are equipped with such surveillance camera systems. It is still common to set up cameras at parking lots, bicycle parking lots, and entrances where burglars are likely to break-in, and record images and videos. Also, with the recent development of network technology, remote monitoring systems that can be accessed by a PC or smartphone are also attracting attention.


Source: Mitsubishi Electric Building Techno-Service (March 2014) “Security Camera Awareness and Implementation Survey Report”(Japanese only)

Is your home security really just perfect with a CCTV alone?

A surveillance camera is one of essential system to search for criminals, because it can check the moment a crime occurs with recorded images or videos. However, is CCTV alone really enough as a security system to protect your home? The important thing in crime prevention is to protect your family and property from burglar before it actually actually happens. It is too late after the crime has occurred. You wish to prevent the bugler from breaking-in your premises in advance, and kick them out from your property.

How can you make it possible?

Increasing the number of CCTVs? Or adding home security system?

If you see a house with a large number of surveillance cameras, you can imagine that the person who lives in the house has a high degree of security awareness, and in some cases, this can help warn burglars. But if the burglar actually broke into your house, would CCTV alone protect your house or family from them? In many cases, the burglar wears a mask because they anticipate to be recorded by the cameras. Rather than being recorded by camera, burglars tend to hate being aware of their presence by loud noises and sirens. By introducing a burglar alarm system and using it along with CCTV system, as soon as burglar broke into your property, it can kick them our before entering the house.

Safer and Secure with Outdoor Burglar Alarm System

Protecting important families and properties from burglars and deterring crimes in advance, that is the way of crime prevention that OPTEX believes what home security should be. In many areas of the world, including Japan, there are increasing cases that burglar alarm security systems are introduced not only indoors but also outdoors even for ordinary houses.

The following security devices are likely installed.


  1. Install AIR(active infrared beam )sensors on perimeters. Burglars will be caught by the sensors before they enter into your property.
  2. Install PIR(passive infrared) sensors around the exterior walls and windows. This way, it can detect the burglar before destroying the windows and door keys.
  3. As soon as the sensors detect a burglar, It will notify the security company or home owners to take necessary actions.
  4. By installing sirens or strobes outdoor, it can kick out burglars.
  5. By combining with a CCTV, evidence, images or records can be confirmed from remote locations.

Improving the level of crime prevention is to improve asset value

The improvement of the crime prevention level by the introduction of the outdoor burglar alarm system will not only gain the safety and security of the residents, but also the property value improvement as real estate can be expected. Installing wireless burglar alarm system, GENIO, will make your house stay beautiful.

Along with good transportation and living convenience, safety is an important factor to increase asset value.

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