What is Burglar Alarm?

In general, many business establishments, such as factories or buildings have their own various ways to deter intruders, which can be easily observed such as security fences, security doors, but still intruders or thieves can get in those areas. However, there are other additional interesting options or may use as main option which is advanced, accurate, and convenient technologies  for users: burglar alarm sensor and burglar alarm accessories.

Installing 24/7 security system such as CCTV and a burglar alarm system to home, office and commercial facilities are becoming more popular in Thailand. Some of the systems are monitored by professional monitoring centers and the others are monitored by house / facility owners. For either case, burglar alarm systems contribute to prevent theft, vandalism and protect life and property from intruders.
Especially outdoor burglar alarm system can realize EARLIER warning because it can notify you before an intruder enters a building or turn him away by the sound of outdoor siren. It can reduce risk to your life by reducing a possibility of coming across an intruder inside of buildings.
The best burglar alarm system for you depends on your preferences, budget and what level of protection you want. We explain “What Burglar alarm” is on this page.

What is burglar alarm system?

Burglar alarm system consists of a control panel and devices such as indoor/outdoor burglar alarm sensor, magnetic contacts, panic buttons, glass break sensors, vibration sensors (Burglar Alarm accessories) etc. connected to the control panel. Anomalies are detected by sensors and magnetic contacts and the control panel recognizes them. After that, it makes a loud siren sound notify the unauthorized entry to nearby people or send an alert to preset reporting address.

Application of Burglar Alarm

Burglar alarm systems are used in wide and various applications such as

How does burglar alarm system work?

There are several types of burglar alarm systems and basically they all work in the following flow.

1. Sensor is triggered by intruder
When the system is armed,
– Motion sensor: Detects when an intruder enters the detection area.
– Photobeam sensor: Detects when the infrared beam emitted from the transmitter is blocked.
– Magnetic contact: Watches the opening and closing of doors or windows. Detects when the door or window opened.

2. Send alert to control panel
All devices are connected to the control panel by wired or wireless and when a sensor is triggered, it’s recognized by the control panel.

3. Sound siren
A loud noise of siren is effective in turn away intruders. In many cases, siren or bell installed on the outer wall of the building is connected to the alarm system and notify it to nearby people. Some control panels have built-in sirens to alert people inside the building.

4. Send notification to reporting address
System sends notification to preset reporting address (Voice call, e-mail, SMS, monitoring center etc..). Currently, there are also common to receive it with dedicated smartphone app.

Comparison of WIRED and WIRELESS system

[Wired system] Control panels and sensors are connected by cable.

  • Usually, device cost is cheaper than wireless system.
  • It can be installed at a place which is too large that radio signal of wireless system reach or which radio interference is concerned.
  • It needs cables and wiring work for installation.

[Wireless system] Control panels and sensors are connected by radio signal and sensors are battery-operated.

  • It can be installed easily without burying ground for wiring work. (Easier to install to existing facility)
  • It’s easy to change layout and add sensors.
  • Free from lightning damage.

Burglar alarm supplied by OPTEX

1. Burglar Alarm Sensors

OPTEX puts forward LEVEL SURVEILLANCE CONCEPT as a key point to achive advanced security.
In order to increase the effectiveness of burglar alarm system, OPTEX recommends not only securing the inside of the building but also having surveillance to the perimeter area and boundary of the property for forestalling unauthorized entry into a building.
By integrating outdoor and indoor surveillance, this system creates a defense line incorporating three warning levels targeting the perimeter of the property (A Zone), the boundary of the building (B Zone), and the indoor area (C zone). As a result, you can greatly strengthen and improve crime prevention.

See all Outdoor sensors

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[Early warning security policy proposed by adding Outdoor protection]

Outdoor sensors are required stable performance even in harsh environments such as heavy rain and wind, temperature changes, lightning, and small animals. In order to minimize false alarms and ensure reliability from the customers all over the world, OPTEX conducts more than 150 product evaluation tests in developing process. Our products are used in more than 80 countries in the world because of its high reliability.

2.  Series of burglar alarm system

OPTEX supplies 2 types of Wireless burglar alarm system “GENIO” and WLPS”. GENIO series are for small to medium size of residential, commercial and industrial sites and WLPS series for middle to large size of commercial, industrial and government sites.
Currently, not only security but also home automation demand increases recently for alarm system. GENIO lineup includes device for controlling a lighting, window shutter / certain, air conditioner and garage gate. They can be controlled by GENIO smartphone app.

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You can find the burglar alarm solution for applications which are common in Thailand below.

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