Car Parking Gate Solution (ViiK Gate)

There is often a barrier gate at the entrance of the car parking lot of shopping centers, office buildings etc.. In order to open the gate, it has been the most common to detect a car by a loop coil sensor buried in the ground. If there is a machine that issues parking tickets, loop coil sensor can be used to activate the parking ticket machines. However, systems using a loop coil sensor have had the following problems.

  • Cutting work of ground with a cutter is needed to bury a loop coil sensor. In this case, the construction period mostly tends to be long, and it costs a lot to arrange the machinery used for the construction.
  • Large-scale construction such as digging up the ground is required when maintaining or removing the loop coil sensor.
  • Loop coil sensor can’t detect vehicles that use carbon-fiber-reinforced plastic (CFRP) because it can react to only metal. The number of car which is made from CFRP increases recently.
  • The wire of a loop coil sensor may break due to inundation of rainwater and vehicle pressure.
  • At facilities such as hospitals that a loud noise caused by construction is shunned and its parking lot cannot be closed due to construction, it is necessary to wait for an opportune moment for burying work and maintaining the loop coil.

OPTEX Smart Car Parking Sensor (Viik Gate) for Gate Opening

OPTEX’s new type of sensor “OVS-01GT (Viik Gate)” that combines microwaves (radio waves) and ultrasonic waves (sound waves) is a sensor which is developed to solve these problems. It can detect vehicles without burying a sensor in the ground. Because it can be simply installed on a ticket machine and pole which is installed near the barrier gate of car parking entrance, the construction period is approximately half shorter than that of loop coil method. A machinery to bury the ground isn’t needed so the cost is dramatically reduced. It can give big benefits to parking lot management. It is designed to have the ability to ignore most human traffic. OVS-01GT is a sensor that supports various applications such as security gates, parking lot gates of shopping centers, office buildings, universities and hospitals.

Benefit to Choose Viik Gate

  • Makes Installation Easier and More Cost Effective with Viik Gate, there is no need to stop traffic through the doorway during installation.
  • Can be mounted quickly, easily and wires directly to the operator.
  • No additional loop detector is required. No need for special programmers.
    A simple to use menu with visual indicators provides a simple and quick installation.
  • Once mounted, its location allows for full adjustment without the need for lifts or ladders.
  • Reliability detect vehicle with combination Microwave and Ultrasonic Detection Patterns. Stable accuracy, ignore human movement
  • Eliminates the hassle of a ground loop devices
  • Detection area can be customized easily
  • Sensitive for Carbon Fiber Reinforced Plastics (CFRP)

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