Secure and Control your Comfort and Smart Life with ``GENIO App``

Smart life in city, people are always looking for assistance or smart things manage their lifestyle to be more easy and comfortable. Therefore, something smart, not complicated, quicker and safer is the best solution.

Recently, Smart home has been getting people’s interest and it may become the standard of living in the near future. When considering to use smart home system, you would also need to consider to use burglar alarm system to secure your life. Smart home system and burglar alarm system must go well together with your lifestyle if you desire smart home or office. Imagine being outside, you can monitor your house and you can control your home devices from anywhere, you are free from the anxiety and how better your life will become.

Ready to take your important place to be next level?

Optex provides burglar alarm system with smart home functionality. It’s smart mobile application, called GENIO App, is able to control not only burglar alarm system but also smart home devices via smart phone.


GENIO App is an smart application for control and monitor Optex’s wireless burglar alarm system, GENIO as well as smart home devices, standard from Japan exclusively for Optex’s customer.

Burglar alarm products with GENIO app from Optex aim to make users’ lifestyle and security more easy and comfortable. Users will never miss any important activities around the area which the wireless burglar alarm system installed. And also, it can help to handle the safety problem about elderly people at home by monitoring devices via GENIO app from everywhere, even when users are aways from home.

For users, Optex’s burglar alarm system is reliable and stable and moreover, it is more convenient to manage because it is all in one app for burglar alarm and smart home system such as, light, shutter and thermostat.

Benefits you will appreciate from GENIO APP

  • Easy to access by only download application and registration
  • Control burglar alarm system via smartphone, tablet
  • Events such as tamper, low battery, low signal will be displayed in App
  • Alarm via push notification and sound with real time
  • Able to add more users to access and monitor by different account at the same time
  • Able to control several automation devices (Dedicated for Optex Products) Easy and comfortable bypass device via app
  • Store event logs up to 10,000 records Capture incident picture via app (By adding Optex PIR camera)
  • Complimentary only for Optex customer




*Available for both Android and IOS

GENIO APP is suitable for :

> Users who desire smart home system together with burglar alarm system, all in one system.

> Users who need smart office/ building

> Users who have elderly people in accommodation

> Users who are often away from home or important place but they have security concern about the asset and system control managing.

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