Security System by PIDS - Perimeter Intrusion Detection System


PIDS, Perimeter Intrusion Detection System, an effective solution to implement the security system to pretect and secure before the intruders enter the property. OPTEX has developed a sensor and system of enhanced outdoor, especially perimeter and boudary are, and indoor surveillance that is capable of forestalling unauthorized entry into your property and building.

Benefits of PIDS

  • Improved Perimeter Security and Professional security 24/7.
  • Increase effectiveness of Man-guards and limited Human Error.
  • Efficiency decreasing security cost.

OPTEX Hybrid Security Solution for perimeter protection

Effectively secure perimeter by Man Guard, CCTV and Optex, highly reliable outdoor sensor. When the sensor detect intruders, the alarm will be triggered by activating a siren or flushing light and then send the report to control room in order to dispatch on time and right location before they intrude on the property and premise.

Long-Term Cost Saving

Increasing yearly of security cost is a matter that have to find a solution. The case studies of reducing cost with OPTEX Hybrid Security Solution experienced efficiency to cut down the fixed cost of your factory. For more information, please refer to the PIDS catalog.

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