People Counting System Solution (PALOSSIE AIO)

Add more profit for your business and efficiency enhance sales & marketing planning, human resources and areas management such as selling ads, area rental fee rate and also cost saving with OPTEX 3D Technology Sensor, high accuracy than 95% to measure the number of people traversing a certain passage or entrance.

Benefit to choose People Counting Sensor VC-1020 and VC-1050

  • Object shape recognition, direction recognition and 3D warping
  • Accuracy more than 95%, Omitting detection shopping cart and shadows from spotlight and sunlight.
  • Tracks complicated movements (people standing still, stopping, turning back, crowds)
  • Simple Network Management
  • Management customer traffic data of all stores from Head office/Centralization

Easy installation and Data Server on Notebook or PC

Installing the VC-1020/VC-1050 is simple: place the camera in a strategic location and connect to your ‘PoE’ network. The sensor is suitable for detecting up to a distance of 4 meters by default. The purchase of a software license will enable you to increase the detection distance up to 6 meters. Optionally, the power adapter can be used as an additional power backup. The settings for the IT coupling of the VC-1020/VC-1050 sensor to your network and data.

User friendly with OPTEX Smart Report Software (Optional)

  • Potential to marketing/manager to see the report and success rate of the event/promotion how many people visit their shop or area because this software can count people and you can put data of amount of receipt and sales cash number, the software will calculate through conversion rate.
  • Save time to analyze the data of people counting and can compare data as you want such as comparison criteria by Day/Week/Month/Quarter/Year through growth rate and average the visitor criteria by Date/Month/Year
  • Ready to use, with this software can analyze data to be graph by selecting criteria.
  • Convenience, software and sensor run 24 hours and you can see the report real time or any time you want.
  • Responsive Design, available on web app in smart phone or pc.
  • Flexible to manage the data of people directions from many locations.

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