Outdoor Burglar Alarm System, GENIO at factory / warehouse

What is GENIO?

GENIO is a wireless outdoor burglar alarm system which suits facility and property protection at small scale of factory/warehouse. GENIO lineup includes not only indoor sensors but also outdoor sensors which protect outdoor parts such as perimeter area, back entrance, near windows, etc… It enables you to detect an intruder before entering a building and take appropriate action immediately for the issue happened. GENIO is a fully wireless system so it can be installed at an existing facility quickly and easily without digging or wiring work.

GENIO Outdoor and Indoor Protection

Benefit to use GENIO

  1. Security cost reduction by hybrid solution with a combination of security guard and GENIO alarm system.

(The hybrid solution is effective to long-term cost saving of man guard. You can see an example of cost simulation in PIDS catalog below!)

                        [Only Man Guard]

                        [Hybrid Solution]

PIDS catalog

  • At factories and warehouses, materials, customers’ important supplies, and confidential data are stored. If they are stolen, they may interfere with the business and lose the trust of the company from the customers. In order to make the security level up, it is mainstream to deploy security guards. However, Problems related to “human” caused by such as motivation, skill, morals may happen. If the labor cost rises, the cost of your company rises. OPTEX recommends a hybrid solution of a combination of security sensor alarm systems and security guards to realize effective and efficient security.
  1. Early protection (before entering the building) by outdoor sensors
  2. Alarm signal can be checked with the dedicated smartphone app remotely by a president, general affairs manager, etc…
  3. No digging or wiring work since GENIO is full wireless system*.(Radio wave distance is approx. 1.5km at open site (use 3 repeaters)
  4. A security personnel can check the zone/position of alarm triggered on PC screen with GENIO Map.It enables you to check the issue site immediately and take an appropriate action quickly.

Control Panel Specification

GENIO Map solution - Local Monitoring in Factory / Warehouse

GENIO Map monitoring software suits to build local monitoring system with a burglar alarm system at factories and warehouses.

In factory/warehouse monitoring projects using GENIO Map, install GENIO wireless burglar alarm system at the site and PC which GENIO Map software is installed in on-site guard room/monitoring room.

When an intruder is detected by a sensor and burglar alarm is triggered, the alarm signal is displayed on the PC screen and the security guard can see at which zone the alarm occurred. Then, the security guard checks what happened at the issue site by dispatching another security guard there or checking video with CCTV installed there.

GENIO Map is compatible with OPTEX WLPS system which is a wireless burglar alarm system for middle to large sites.

1. Example of local monitoring flow in a factory / warehouse with GENIO Map

2. Great benefits of GENIO Map

  1. Security guards can easily see at which zone/detector an alarm occurred visually.
  2. GENIO Map shows devise error of GENIO burglar alarm system as well as alarm signal on the screen.
  3. Security guards can see what they should do by workflow which is shown on GENIO Map screen when an alarm or device error happens.
  4. It’s possible to keep an event history with log export function.
  5. GENIO Map supports multilingual.

Key function of GENIO Map

  1. Display position of alarms and errors (device and communication) on map.

When setting, a map image (JPG, PNG) is imported to GENIO Map software. When an alarm, device/communication error occurs at a house, GENIO Map shows to a security guard at which house the alarm occurred by blink the section line and displaying the position and name which has been assigned in advance.


  1. Workflow and report function

In GENIO Map, a workflow (task list) is displayed in order to let a security guard know what to do when each event of an alarm or device/communication error. You can change workflows displayed according to the type of events. Appropriate workflow is different depending on gated communities so you can set as you like freely. It’s also possible to leave a report of event results on the same window as workflow.


  1. Export event log function

You can export log easily to keep log files, share log with others, etc…


  1. Multi map function

You can display multi maps on one PC screen, for example, in the case that monitoring plural gated communities in one system.

Get to know solution with combination of GENIO and GENIO Map with storyboard

System configuration

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