OPTEX Cloud Alarm Monitoring System

~GENIO Map Cloud~

For Cost & Operational Efficient Alarm Monitoring

Along with the rapid economic growth of the Southeast Asian region, the labor costs have been rising significantly, which presents a lot of problems for companies. The costs of security at production facilities, factories, and so on are no exception. New “Security Solution” from Optex that will raise the level of security while reducing invisible costs has become a major talking point.

Problems with Costs and Complexity of the monitoring system

It is common practice in Southeast Asia to have human security guards patrolling sites such as warehouses, factories, and industrial estates and monitoring by burglar alarm system with monitoring system. For many decades, alarm monitoring has conventionally been carried out by using monitoring software geared towards security professionals or by so-called Graphic Annunciators consisting of LED display maps, but there are several problems…

・High Initial Costs

・Complex Installation requiring skills such as Electrical construction or network knowledge

・Lack of flexibility for customization

・Variation in the skill level, culture, judgement standards among security guards

Optex’s Cloud Base Alarm Monitoring Software

GENIO Map Cloud

GENIO Map Cloud provides a solution for those listed problems with the simplicity of cloud-based software that can be used at less than 1/10th the cost of conventional applications.

It is accessible anywhere an internet connection and web browser are available, completely eliminating the need for setting up and maintaining expensive & complex systems.

Its user-friendly interface allows operators to see a list of burglar alarm/trouble events on a map that are detected by corresponding Control Panel, GENIO in real-time.

A task list for operators will be also displayed in the system as a workflow so Operators can just follow the process for monitoring operations and this workflow is even customizable.

After operator complete the monitoring tasks, all the logs will be stored in cloud and managers can access to the logs anytime & anywhere.

The benefits of GENIO Map Cloud as a light burglar alarm system & remote monitoring solution can really be felt in factories, office buildings, and gated communities.

This system supports multiple languages such as English, Thai & more and GENIO Map Cloud boosts in operational efficiency, and creates an environment that is both safer and more cost-effective.

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