Security System by Layer Protection for Video Surveillance

Multi-layered protection for an earlier alarm and a better response. The highest security for industrial sites and commercial premises, product performance and reliability area key, as is a strategic approach to perimeter protection. This system helps protect Perimeter, Sites, Roofs, Building and offer a wide range of technologies to suit all types of site configuration and environment including harsh outdoor conditions.

More advanced surveillance system with REDSCAN series

    Laser Scan Detector can identify the size, speed and movement direction of detected objects. They effectively create a cordon of security surrounded by invisible wall. Optex has combined laser sensors with surveillance cameras to create an advanced surveillance system enabling use in both indoor and outdoor environment. Optex has received several product awards around the world. It is in widespread use to protect infrastructure and critical facilities.

Vertical and Horizontal detection modes (RLS-3060)

Independently adjustable detection pattern up to 8 zones
(analog connection: 4 zones, IP connection: 4 or 8 zones)

Improve Security with integration OPTEX and CCTV Systems

    Integrating Optex IP sensors and detectors with your Video Management Software increases the effectiveness of video detection and surveillance applications by addressing common problems associated with video driven solutions.

System Diagram

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