GENIO MAP for Store Monitoring/Self-monitoring

Rising Crime in Thailand Increase Their Concerns about Safety Than Ever Before

Estimated number of gold shops and goldsmiths in Thailand is around 7,000 from large chains to family-run stores. Recently, robbery and theft at a gold shop in a shopping mall or roadside shop happens frequently.  Especially when the economy gets worse, the number of theft crime tends to increase.
Some robbers intrude a shop with weapons such as guns and knives during operating hour. In this case, the shop clerks, security guards and customers may be at risk of not only being injured but also being killed in the worst case. The theft of valuable gold bars and gold accessories is a big loss as well. In order to protect the people working there, customers and properties during the operation hour and to prevent the properties from being stolen at night, shop owners must be well prepared. Installing CCTV is one of the solution to rise the security level but it will not give them notifications. With GENIO Map, the shop owner will be able to response quickly and protect the things when any incidents happen before it actually becomes too late.

What is GENIO MAP?

GENIO Map is a Simple and Easy alarm monitoring software. It will show you where and what happened by the mapping on screen monitor when connected GENIO alarm system detects any intruder or emergency button is pressed at a site. GENIO Map can show the operational instructions for each event so that the operator only needs to follow the written actions for each event. Mapping and operational instructions are customizable at local and  you can even change the language to  any. GENIO Map is suitable for those people who wish to introduce small scale alarm monitoring or start self-monitoring.

Great Benefits of GENIO MAP

1. Display Events Position of alarms and errors (device and communication) on map
GENIO Map can show a type of event and location as well as device error of GENIO burglar alarm system for trouble shooting, low battery and etc.

2. Workflow and report function
GENIO Map can guide the monitoring person for what action they need to do by showing a workflow on GENIO Map.

3. Export event log function
GENIO Map can keep an event history with a log export function.

4. Multi-language Support
GENIO Map can support multilingual.

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