Deal with COVID-19 infection in Factory by Sensor Technology ``People Counting Sensor``

Thailand, the number of infection in the current Covid situation is unlikely to decrease. Many people are infected with coronavirus at working place such as office building or factory. Especially, the number of coronavirus cases in factories still needs to be monitored continuously. Due to their working system that can not be stopped for reasons of business necessity and working areas that are also limited, running a business in the COVID situation can be difficult and in trouble for internal management services. What will you do if you are the owner of those business or person in charge of factory? What helps them to prevent more infections?

Usually inside the factory, employees inevitably share activities such as having a meal in canteen, going to the bathroom, changing clothes in locker room and work area. Some of them may forgot to keep distance and it is difficult to control and monitor during the day of working. Isn’t it better if there were sensor innovations that could support business in effectively managing internals?

Help employees maintain Social Distancing while working place is enable to operate smoothly

Normally, crowdness in area can be estimated visually but It is difficult to count the number of people exactly and you won’t be able to monitor/analyze the area situation without having any data.

But not for Optex People Counting sensor, a sensor technology that can count accurately and control social distance. When installing People Counting Sensor, you can track and monitor people density in locations where people must be kept at a proper distance. The sensor can count in multi-directions and track the complicated movements with high accuracy more than 95%. Software that is used in connection with the sensor can be configured to match the demands of the user and export to be file.

Optex People Counting Sensor

VC-1020 Surface Mount

VC-1050 Flush Mount


> Automatic traffic counts of people entering area, room and facilities (IN/OUT Bi-Directional & Multiple Counts)

> Accurately tracks complicated movements

> Sensor processes counts, and transfers data

> Video Streaming in real time

> Data delivery via FTP/ FTPS

> POE Powered

Optex Smart Report System

OPTEX SMART REPORT is data management software for saving analysis and monitoring time to see and update the traffic rate and crowded on areas in used/ need. It can compare data following user requirement such as comparison criteria by Day/ Week/ Month/ Quarter/ Year or period of time. When user need more image to be easy to analyze, by selecting the criteria, the system will show data to be graph.


The Benefits of People Counting Sensor for Social Distancing Measure

Ensure that Social Distancing Standards are maintained

All businesses have been required to impose new restrictions on the number of people in their premises since the COVID-19 outbreak to maintain compliance with government social distancing requirements. People counting systems can let users track the number of people entering and exiting a facility in real time and show them when their capacity level is reached.

Enable to record data for analysis

After real-time monitoring, users can save statistical data for a more in-depth analysis of their specific requirements. Then the data can subsequently be used to eliminate the problem of area congestion to reduce the risk of infection.

Managing from anywhere

Another way to limit the chance of COVID-19 spreading is to make those in charge of the company’s operations work from home. By using internet, they can monitor and see results from anywhere, even at night. No need to come and control by yourself at the job site/ area.

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