Burglar alarm system for tranquil fish farm in Nakhon Pathom

– Installation of outdoor burglar alarm system and light control system at fish farm –
Fish Farm

One day, a thief intruded a tranquil fish farm in Thailand and stole electric cable, condenser air and copper pipe. Such copper theft is very common in Thailand. The farm owner was forced to suffer losses to purchase a new cable and fix the equipment. They decided to install an alarm system to prevent a recurrence and contacted OPTEX. OPTEX went to the customer site with system Integrator soon to do the site survey and propose a design of installation. Finally, the customer decided to install GENIO.

Installation of GENIO was completed within one day. The farm owner was very impressed because the system could be installed quickly and easily and didn’t need to drill a lot of holes. We also installed the system of controlling the light with GENIO home automation function via GENIO app on smartphone. You can control lights by preset schedule or trigger of sensor detection with this function. This extensibility is also one of the reasons why the owner chose GENIO.

■ Application

  • Fish farm

■ Installation date

  • Sep, 2020

■ Objective

  • To Detect Intrusion entering the site.
  • To Protect materials from thief.

■ Challenges

  • Installation work had to be completed very soon.
  • Installation both burglar alarm system and lighting control system via GENIO app.

■ Installed products in this project

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