Burglar alarm system for office building in Bangkok

– Installation of wireless burglar alarm system at five-story office building –

One night, a thief intruded to the 5th floor of the building and stole the power cable which was made from copper. However, the old alarm system which is another bland didn’t detect him (missed alarm), and when the office staff checked the video of CCTV next day, she saw the thief and the moment of crime. The company contacted a security system integrator because the president wanted to replace the alarm system as soon as possible. Then the system integrator proposed GENIO to them.

OPTEX GENIO is a wireless system so installation work has been completed very soon. Their office has 5 floors so it was necessary that a signal from the sensor at 5th floor reaches the control panel at 1st floor. Since the GENIO transmitter signal can fly long distance, there was no problem to build the system without signal repeaters.

In addition, they can check the alarm event with a dedicated GENIO app so we did the setting that multiple staffs can receive the signal on their smartphone and respond immediately if something happens. In this system, GENIO signal is sent to the CCTV system as well so they can check it visually when an alarm event happens.
The customer was satisfied with the speed of installation very much.

■ Application

  • Office building

■ Installation date

  • Oct, 2020

■ Objective

  • To Detect Intrusion entering the site.
  • To Secure the site form theft.

■ Challenges

  • Installation work had to be completed very soon.
  • Transmitter had to fly long distance enough to cover whole of a five-story building.

■ Installed products in this project

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