Burglar alarm system for gold Shop in Saraburi

– Installation of wireless burglar alarm system at gold shop –

In Thailand, robbery and theft at gold shops occur frequently. Police are calling for caution to the place dealing with valuables such as banks, gold shops etc.. Especially when the economy gets worse, the number of theft crime tends to increase.

In such a social situation, a certain roadside gold shop in Thailand wanted to install an alarm system in case of robbery and theft. They needed a panic button to protect a life of the shop clerk for daytime (operating time) and a burglar alarm system to detect an intruder for nighttime.

They decided to install the OPTEX GENIO which can meet their request. Indoor sensors were installed inside of the shop and outdoor sensors were installed near the window of back side of the shop building. By installing the sensor outdoor, it is possible to detect a thief before breaking into and threaten him with the loud sound of the outdoor siren. So it can prevent damage to the window. If the control panel was placed in the safety room that it had been originally intended to install, it was difficult for the signal to reach stably, so we moved it to a position where it is easier to reach. The point that the installation location can be easily changed in this way is also a great advantage of the wireless system.

■ Application

  • Gold shop

■ Installation date

  • Jul, 2020

■ Objective

  • To Save shop clerks during operating time.
  • To protect the gold and stuff during nighttime.

■ Challenges

  • Switching the security mode between daytime and nighttime. (Daytime: Panic button, Nighttime: Intruder detection by sensors)

■ Installed products in this project

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