Burglar alarm system for gated community in Ayutthaya

– Installation of wireless burglar alarm system and monitoring software in a gated community –

There are a lot of gated communities in Thailand. Normally, gated community is surrounded by a fence so it gives the impression of being closed and safe. However, especially houses near a perimeter fence of gated community are often intruded to the backyard of an individual house by climbing the outer fence of the gated community.

In 2018, OPTEX provided GENIO alarm system and GENIO Map which is OPTEX’s original monitoring software to a gated community in Ayutthaya. Since the owner of the gated community wanted to keep there safe, he decided to adopt the system.

GENIO was installed at the multiple houses there and PC which GENIO Map had been installed was in the onsite guard room. When an intruder is detected, the signal can be checked on both GENIO Map and house owner’s GENIO smartphone app. One security guard is monitoring on GENIO Map software on the PC at the guard room and when an alarm event happens, the guard dispatches the other on-site guard who are constantly patrolling in a gated community by the motorcycle to the issue site. This monitoring system and flow could be installed to the existing environment of Internet and security guards.

One of the families that installed GENIO had been broken into in the past.  At that time, he had only CCTV so he could check it on the video after he got back home. Of course, It was too late. He sympathized with our concept of detecting before breaking into the house by outdoor sensors and decided to install some outdoor sensors around the windows of front and back side and garage. In addition, an outdoor siren was installed on the outer wall of the second floor to frighten and get an intruder away with a loud noise when the outdoor sensor detects.

We got feedback “I’m feeling much safer because I can notice intruders instantly before entering inside of my premises” from the families using GENIO.  And It was a first time for the on-site security guard to operate such monitoring software, but because the interface and operation of GENIO Map were simple and easy, we received a feedback “I can use it easily!” from him.

■ Application

  • Gated community

■ Installation date

  • Apr, 2018

■ Objective

  • To Detect Intrusion before and after entering the house.
  • To keep the gated community safe.

■ Challenges

  • Install the system of GENIO Map and GENIO alarm system to the existing environment of Internet and security guards.

■ Installed products in this project

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