Automatic Door Sensor Solution for Pedestrian Door

OPTEX is the preferred supplier for Entrance detection systems. Our portfolio includes safety and activation solutions for automatic Swing and Sliding door as well as products for Secured Entry and Industrial door applications.
About 40 years ago, OPTEX developed automatic door sensors for the first time in the world, using far-infrared rays which had been used mainly for military applications. We continually develop and manufacture a variety of sensors for safer and easier automatic door use for Swing and Sliding door with our Activation and Safety Sensors and “BLUE-ZONE” technology which is unique and provides the highest level of safety in the threshold.

Activation & Safety Sensors

Combine functions of activation, to operate automatic doors, and safety, to prevent pedestrians from getting caught by the door. OPTEX Activation and Safety Sensors include a Presence Detection area to detect people who have stopped near the threshold of the door. The use of an active infrared Activation and Safety Sensor provides additional safety around the door.

Activation Sensors

Activation Sensors can be installed in a door transom or the ceiling to activate (operate) automatic doors by sensing approaching people or objects. OPTEX has an array of activation sensors, including sensors that use infrared or microwave technology. Take a look at the detection methods used in each sensor to decide which is best for your door environment.

“BLUE ZONE” Technology

The “BLUE ZONE” is unique and is setting the trend for automatic door threshold safety. When the approach area detects a person or object, the sensor will activate the door and turn on the “BLUE ZONE” which detects through the threshold. As long as someone is in the detection area, the sensor will keep the door in the open position. Once the area is cleared, the BLUE ZONE will ignore the door panels and allow the door to safely close.

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