Anti-Tailgating System

Detecting unauthorized entry by tailgating system in real time with Accurance OV-102, the ceiling mount tailgated detection, install at the entry of any building to handle important information, prevent leakage of personal information and internal control. Accurance OV-102 is one application of Access Control System and the detection is designed to use the 3D virtual modeling technology to track and analyze the human shape with a high degree of accuracy.

System construction according to customers’ security levels

    Our tailgating detection system allows customers to establish a security system while effectively utilizing existing facilities, according to their security needs, installation sites, and budgets.

Deterrence and warning

    If tailgating occurs, a warning is given against unauthorized entry via an alarm and warning lamp.
    This system can optimize the use of existing facilities and access control system, enabling customers to reduce capital investment.

Simplified prevention

    When the presence of two or more people is detected in the detection area, a warning signal is sent out.
    The automatic unlock function is disabled by sending the signal to the electric lock control board.

Anti-Tailgating System Configuration

The system relating with Access control system which have dry relay contact.
System configuration diagram (example)

Benefit of ACCURANCE OV-102

  • Improve the security for access control system and minimize the risk to important information, property loss and personal safety from the unauthorized people can entry there.
  • High Accuracy Count and Reliable Detection with the 3D virtual modeling of human shape and tracking technology.
  • Cost Efficiency, sensor can recognize human movement, count people to apply for Marketing, Store Management and Counting Traffic.
  • Flexible Installation, ability to be set on browser via Lan network and be installed to an existing building, no need to change room layout.

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