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SL-350QFR / SL- 350QNR


Optex offers a less expensive and more efficient solution with SL-350QFR/SL-350QNR. Typical perimeter systems require expensive trenching or much time for installation. Expensive wire conduit runs and concrete works are unnecessary, allowing installers to save time and money.

SL-350QFR : 4ch. beam frequencies selectable model
SL-350QNR :  standard model

  • Quad beam with long detection range 100m
  • Battery-Operated
    • Long battery life 4 to 8 years
    • Battery saving function
    • Intermittent output function
  • Wireless ready
  • Sniper viewfinder with 2X magnification lens
  • 4 channel beam frequency selector (SL-QFR only)
  • Beam interruption adjustment function
  • D.Q. circuit (environmental disqualification)
  • Tamper function
  • LED indicator for an easy alignment
  • Spacious back box
  • IP65