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SL-200QDP / SL- 350QDP / SL- 650QDP


SL-200QDP/350QDP/650QDP series is standard long range photoelectric detector. In additon to basic feature such as quad beam /double modulation, sunshine protection technology and beam power control selector decreases false and missed alarms. LED Indicator and sound assist(receiver only) and upper/lower beam selection button lighten your workload while achieving perfect alignment.

SL-200QDP – detection range 60m
SL-350QDP – detection range 100m
SL-650QDP – detection range 200m

  • High power quad beam detection range 60m/100m/200m
  • Double modulation
  • Smart Design
    • Slim body design
    • Easy-to-see vivid interior color for optical alignment
  • 4 channel beam frequency selector
  • Viewfinder with 2X magnification
  • Beam interruption adjustment function
  • D.Q. circuit (environmental disqualification)
  • Tamper function
  • Beam power control selector
  • LED indicator and sound assist
  • Alarm memory
  • Upper/lower beam selection button
  • IP65