The battery-powered EX-35R is a low cost indoor PIR with a back box for battery and wireless transmitter (not included). You can select between precise wide angle and long range coverage, and also multi-level or pet alley detection patterns. By incorporating our patented multi-focus technology into the spherically designed lens, the EX-35R has successfully eliminated sensitivity problems caused by changes in detection patterns.

  • Wide detection coverage: 11m x 11m 85°
  • Long detection range: 17m x 1.7m
  • Low current battery-operated model (battery not included)
  • Selectable Dual-Purpose Spherical Fresnel Lens, Wide Angle & Long Range
  • Selectable Multilevel & Pet Alley Detection patterns
  • Patented Multi-Focus Lens
  • RFI Protection: 20V/m
  • Selectable Pulse Count: 2 or 4
  • LED On/Off Switch
  • Tamper Switch