Security Systems Magazine Issue Sep-Oct 2020 Product Review

OPTEX’s article ” Social distancing Solution ”
was introduced in the security magazine “SECURITY SYSTEMS” Issue SEP-OCT 2020

Akribos Occupancy Control system for social distancing management and people traffic monitoring

Akibos VC-1020 (People Counting Sensor)

Akibos VC-1020 (People Counting Sensor)

The Covid-19 pandemic has changed the way in which we manage and control the numbers and access of people into and out of shops and offices, or indeed any building open to the public. Mostly, people access has been managed by the simple use of floor guides and tape, with staff or security guards issuing verbal instructions and direction. Very rarely, however, is the traffic inside the building (e.g the number of people per aisle or per room) being monitored. The enforcement of social distancing is therefore left to the self-discipline of individuals or to the occasional control of a member of staff, some with the use of a loud hailer.

Real-time people counting solutions could prove a far more efficient and accurate way to control the situation. OPTEX people counting sensor “Akribos VC-1020” which is installed on the ceiling near entrance count the number of people who go into or out of facilities in real-time. When the number of people reaches the limit, the system can control the automatic door to keep closed not to let other people enter anymore or inform occupancy status to people with a graphical user interface.


We have two kinds of methods as follows.

Automatic door control with OC-PCMC

OC-PCMC is an application that limits the number of entries using OPTEX people counting sensor “Akribos VC-1020”.  It provides a graphical user interface that enables pedestrians aware of occupancy status. Users can connect the I/O interface to own devices such as door controllers of the automatic doors for pedestrians. When the number of people in the facility reaches the limit, the door doesn’t open not allowing other people to enter the facility anymore. When the number of people becomes less than the limit, the door is back to normal mode and opens when a person comes close to the door. So that there’s no need to manually control people flow at an entrance.

The graphical interface of occupancy level with Xenoview software by Xenometric

Xenometric is a software development company that has a particular specialism in people counting and occupancy level solutions. It has developed software packages designed to work specifically with the OPTEX Akribos people counter. It collects the real-time count data from up to four Akribos, displays the occupancy levels on an integrated dashboard, and issue instructions to “GO” or “WAIT”. The count data is stored locally and can also be used for retail analysis purposes.


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