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OPTEX’s article “Solution of alarm system for construction site”
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Why Do You Need An Alarm System At Your Construction Site?

Construction site theft is rising worldwide and is now a common problem to deal with. From heavy equipment to all other building materials, everything is at risk of being stolen from construction sites, especially those that are placed in open areas. If it is early in the project, the site contains a few pieces of heavy equipment. At this point, keeping tools and equipment safe from thieves is relatively easy. But as work progresses, and more materials come onto the site, keeping everything secure will become much more difficult. Equipment, machinery, and raw materials are easy to sell and difficult for police to trace, which making construction sites an easy target for theft. This growing problem costs the construction industry $1 billion every year for the replacement of material and equipment. Besides that, this can bring a halt to your work, delaying the deadlines you have to meet. You must prevent this before happening at every construction site and One great way to solve this is to install an alarm system


How Can Alarm System Help You?

 An alarm system can act as a theft-deterrent. Once installed, the alarm system can be programmed to activate when movement is detected during a predetermined period (such as night-time). When equipment is kept in an area where access is limited and an intruder tries to enter the area, the alarm will be raised. On hearing the alarm, the security guards or the concerned people can immediately prevent the thief from stealing construction materials.

Alarm systems are also capable of monitoring your construction site remotely. The alarm systems constantly provide updates about every movement on your site. The alarm systems notify you of any unwanted incidents at your construction site. You may not need to hire additional personnel for each construction-related task. If the alarm system detects any threat, it will notify and you can take appropriate actions.

Challenges of Construction Site

When it comes to security for construction sites, there would be some challenges and particular needs unlike security for residential or factories.

Imagine a construction site for residential. It is relatively easy to install a traditional alarm system on a single structure but what about during the early phases of earthmoving? Heavy machinery and equipment are still at risk of theft, but you would struggle to find power for alarm systems. Even when electrical power is not an issue, you still have to face complex projects with multiple structures. Security becomes more complex as the site progresses and multiple units come on-line. Configuring and reconfiguring a traditional alarm system for each new housing unit is both costly and time-consuming. When any portion of the construction project is complete, the parts should have the flexibility to be relocated to where they are needed next.

The Right Choice For Construction Site Security

The wireless alarm system from Optex, called “WLPS” defeats all these challenges and fits for the requirements. The main benefit of WLPS is the long-range of its wireless network.

Even if the scale of the construction site becomes several hundreds of meters, WLPS can easily accomplish such distance. The device of WLPS can receive and repeat wireless transmissions from a device to another so that the size, scalability, and range of the entire system are extended as wireless. When the environment of the site changes and wireless communication between two WLPS devices becomes weaken, the wireless network will ‘self-heal’ and automatically re-route communications via alternate devices.

Most importantly, WLPS is battery operated system so you can quickly relocate and reconfigure the entire system without having a problem with the wiring.

So finally, as you learn from this article, a wireless alarm system is the best choice for your security needs of the construction site. Remember, it could be a one-time investment if you choose the right alarm system. Therefore, you should not wait any longer and buy alarm systems that will make sure construction sites a safer and secure place to work.


Great Benefits of Wireless Alarm System

1. Flexible Location
2. Wireless Stylish Design
3. Free from lightning damage
4. Installation to existing facility
5. Quick & easy installation and maintenance

Significant Cost Reduction

Typical wired perimeter system requires substantial initial cost such as wiring, trenching, conduit, and concrete work as well as installation time.With WLPS, those cost and time can be reduced significantly – a total cost reduction for end customer is minimum 40% compared to the conventional wired system.

*Calculation based on a scale of 100m x 100m factory





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