Automatic Door Sensors Selected for the New Global Niche Top Companies Selection 100 from METI of Japan

Automatic door sensor products selected for the New Global Niche Top Companies Selection 100 from METI

The New Global Niche Top Companies Selection 100 from the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry recognizes companies that are dedicated to developing international markets and their unique positions in niche fields. Selection involves four qualitative and quantitative evaluation points: profitability, strategy, competitive advantage, and internationality. Within these items, a strong focus is placed on 1) the balance of global share and profits, 2) the uniqueness and independence of technologies, and 3) the importance placed on the supply chain.

“The selected companies and services have earned a high market share and high profits based on their unique technology or service in their specialized market, through which they fundamentally support a competitive global economy. We hope that recognized companies will serve as a lighthouse and compass for other companies trying to survive in an uncertain world, and a driving force for furthering economic development.” (Summarized comments of the Minister of Economy, Trade and Industry, and the Selection Committee Chair)

Optex’s automatic door sensors selected for recognition this year detect the presence of individuals and open or close automatic doors whenever an individual enters the sensor area. In 1980, Optex introduced the world’s first automatic door sensor using far infrared rays. Until then, the automatic door industry mostly offered foot-operated systems that opened doors by detecting the weight of a person or object. Optex has been a dedicated pioneer in automatic door sensors since then, while further developing its business globally. Optex has responded to various changes that have arisen over the years, including improving safety for passersby, giving proper consideration for the indoor environment of buildings and energy savings, and adapting to the different laws and standards of various countries and regions. Today, the company boasts 30% of the global market share (55% in the Japanese market), with Optex products used in various commercial facilities, office buildings, hospitals, and other structures.

Going forward, Optex aims to continue working on automatic door sensors that provide safe and comfortable access to buildings for all, and on outdoor intrusion detection sensors to meet growing security needs. In its quest to further strengthen the position as a global leader in sensors for niche demand, the company will strive to introduce technological innovations and develop business, and to create value for a prosperous society through its business activities.

[New Global Niche Top Companies Selection 100 from the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry of Japan]
To further Japan’s international competitiveness, the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry established the Global Niche Top Companies Selection 100 as a means to highlight the collection of companies that had a strong record of differentiating themselves from others in their niche field. In 2013, from among the companies working toward global expansion, the Ministry selected companies that stood out while also securing a high market share in their specific niche. Since the program was put in place, the business environment for Japanese companies has changed. As part of the New Global Niche Top Companies Selection 100, the Ministry now selects companies boasting the highest share in their niche even in the face of today’s severe economic environment.
For more information, visit the New Global Niche Top Companies Selection 100 page on the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry’s website.

[About Optex Co., Ltd.]
Optex is dedicated to expanding its business in various fields by applying various sensing technologies in the development of security sensors, automatic door sensors, vehicle detection sensors, water environment sensors, and other sensors. With bases in approximately 30 countries and regions, Optex provides products and services in more than 80 countries, earning high praise throughout the world. In today’s environment, data from sensors is an essential factor for the industry. Optex aims to expand its field of new businesses involving sensor data while working to create a safer, more secure, and more comfortable society.
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