1. Automatic Door Sensor
  2. Car Parking Sensor
  3. People Counting Sensor
  4. Security Sensor and System
  5. Factory Automation Sensor
Car parking sensor



Combination of Microwave and Ultrasonic Technology

  • Easy installation and construction period can be shorted
  • Combination of microwave (Doppler shift, FMCW technologies) and ultrasonic wave
  • For gate, barrier and industrial door activation
  • Detecting vehicles at a speed from 2 to 20km/h
  • IP65



Microwave (Doppler shift and FMCW)

  • Pole mount sensor – no civil engineering work required
  • Microwave (FMCW) detection adjustable from 1 to 8m
  • Reliable in harsh environment (snow, dust, rain)
  • Detecting vehicles at a speed from 2 to 60km/h
  • IP65